The Freedom to Love Monument:
Project Synopsis

Love is touching souls
Joni Mitchell1

A treasure! An 18-karat gold or solid silver amulet, a bronze sculpture, a monument! This world-class art starts deep conversations, flaunts your pride and attracts the love of your life! A statement to rock the ages, a tribute to sacred intimacy, a trumpet call to liberty, a toucher of hearts that opens minds to our inherent equality and beauty.

Originally, I, Cassandra, began the Freedom to Love Monument Project because I wanted to do a quilt for the NAMES Project to commemorate friends, I had lost but who are still here. But since I didn’t know how to sew, I made a sculpture instead. I spent many tough years trying to find support and a site to do the monument in Mexico, New York, San Francisco or Amsterdam to no avail.

I have since come to the conclusion that the monument needs to be privately owned. It would look stunning next to your pool, in a grove or at the center of your secret garden! To acquire the monument, please contact Cassandra:

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Your support is greatly appreciated!

Your support is greatly appreciated!

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